Sunday, December 3, 2017

The end of the year review for the sleague

The end of the year for sleague is nothing.

The news is no news.

Nothing much has changed.

Singapore football has some news, transfer here and there, all the same.

The only good thing is that, there are still fans who are interested, good or bad.

Fans are here, just that they do not support those whom are there.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Round up of local football news this week

The league has been won by a foreign team, the Japanese are going to sweep all cups and beat cebu, i can say with a clear sight, my predication will come true, no doubt about it.

Next, is the youth issue, the players i shall not touch on, enough, now is the coaches, where are the next generation coaches.

The football association had a session of sharing, we need more, young blood, now at this juncture, it is the same as the players, but credit to those front runners.

A youngster moving overseas, a youth trying his move, i support his decision, with his early days, anything is possible, good luck to Jordan. With the recent news of players moving and trying their luck overseas, i suppose it will bring a new sense of direction, i hope more will move, if this is your passion, better to move.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The social live with rafi ali

The long time player for Singapore football has spoken, nothing much has change, from rumors to news.

The video below shows what the man has to say, and some points are on point, not just valid but true to the 100 %.

The points on passion are so true, what else. The fusion from old times with new is very well taken even by a player of his standard.

Rafi ali is class, will there be another rafi ali, no, the sad truth for players in football out there, no succession plan.

Where is the next rafi ali, someone has to answer this, but not me, people cannot handle the truth.

I hope he can keep teaching republic poly and spot more young talent, we need more rafi in the scene, respect to him.