Saturday, January 27, 2018

local football scene, sign ups

The local scene has many changes again, this is some of the selected slots for my post.

This sign up is a good one, for me, one of the best is him, i have seen him play, good at attacking and also good at defending, a class player for the team.

The next player is a hard worker, home united has signed shakir. This is my pick for the 2nd of my post. Anywhere he goes he is quality.

Finally the last but not the least, true to void deck boy style, from woodlands to tampines, the eye of the tiger but as calm and collected as a leopard waiting to attack, ismadi the man.

His time in yellow jersey still lingers in my mind, but he has now sign for warriors. This is what a football player should be like, a speedy, hardworking and most importantly true to himself. When i think of him i think of another ismail also, a true person. Well i wish all the players a good season ahead.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Malaysia has made history, under 23 wins while rovers are down

The Malaysian side has done well. They have won a match at the under 23 level, while Singapore has lost out against bali in the league team games. The results are shown below.

The highlights are below, this allows them to the next round. I wish them well.

For singapore supporters, here are the results for the tampines rovers game. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

The only good is the unofficial sleague podcast

After a long time of blogging, the good good action is not the actions of the league but of this group of people who still care.

Especially this unofficial podcast, he and his friends who are contributing, still the old new news of age limits and so on.

The pool of players has increase or not, that is the question, is footballing a career in Singapore.

One thing is for sure, more teams to be formed, good or bad. 

As simple as it sounds, no one is taking the chance, still same, no choice.

True to void deck boy style, i am trying my best, keeping in real, real talker. 

A shout out to the readers who still come back my blog, i will update when there are some cool news or things to talk about, till then, take care.